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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Leak Pictures Of Popular Politician's Son Bonking Different Girls Goes Viral

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Nigerian Senate May Expel DSTV, MTN, Shoprite Over Xenophobic Attacks

Nigerian Senate on Tuesday weighed the option of expelling South African companies in Nigeria over xenophobic attacks.

This is coming as Nigerians in South African are at the mercy of various attacks by the citizens who believed that Nigerian citizens have taken over many of their jobs.

Senator Olusola Adeyeye representing Osun Central constituency of Osun State gave the hint during Tuesday's plenary.

See tweet:
Sen Adeyeye is hinting that Nigeria might have no option, but to expel @DStvNg @MTNNG @Shoprite_NG out of Nigeria over xenophobic attacks

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Ndidi Wilfred Wins Belgium 2016 Goal Of The Year

Newly signed Leicester City Mid- Fielder and Nigerian International, Ndidi Wilfred, received the Belgian goal of the year award after his move away from the country.


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Woman Who Called Olakunle Churchill A 'Scammer' Arrested By Police

The owner of instagram page @NigerianWomenDiary, real name Adeola Olonilua, was arrested by Big Church Group yesterday for defamatory reports about Churchill Olakunle's company. She was arrested at 3pm at Tantalizers at Lekki Phase 1. The woman is still in police custody at Maroko Police state and according to sources close to the company, they have decided to let her go after she signed an undertaken.

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Bring Seized Substandard Tyres To Aba Instead Of Burning Them - Dr Ikpeazu To FG

Abia State Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu has urged the Federal Government to consider transporting the substandard tyres worth over 5 billion Naira seized from dubious Chinese Businessmen to Aba to be used for further Production instead of Disposing them.

Speaking at the launch of the 'Change Begins with Me' campaign in Abia Yesterday, Dr Ikpeazu Stated:

"I understand that the Federal Government through the Standards Organization of Nigeria has seized several millions of substandard tyres worth about 5 billion Naira from some dubious Chinese business men.

As an environmentalist, I am worried about how these tyres will be disposed. We can't burn that number of tyres because it will have severe negative consequences for the environment. Maybe, there may be a diplomatic angle to whole thing.
On a second thought, Honorable Minister, we in Abia can be of help here.

Let them bring those tyres to Aba and our boys at Port Harcourt Road will use them to produce several items like fan belts, conveyor belts, etc which can be sold at very good prices".

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Reno Omokri To Amaechi: "You Are A Potbellied Decorated Monkey"

A former assistant to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan on New Media, Reno Omokri, has described the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi as a “decorated monkey.”

Omokri made the remark in response to attack on his person from the camp of the former Governor of Rivers State.

The ex-Presidential spokesman had claimed that the Minister lied on the figures of $49.8bn he, Amaechi, claimed was pilfered from the national treasury by Jonathan.

Against this backdrop, a media aide to the Minister, David Iyofor, had called Omokri a lunatic.

Reacting to the attack, Omokri in an article sent to DAILY POST said, ”It has been brought to my attention the attack on my person by the Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, after I exposed his lies with regards to the figure of $49.8 billion which he claimed former President Goodluck Jonathan pilfered from the national treasury.

“In my response to that false allegation, I stated with facts, figures and dates that not only did Mr. Amaechi lie, but that he is directly to blame for some of the economic challenges facing the nation. Unable to dispute my facts, Amaechi has resorted to insults and abuse on my person. My response is as follows:

“I will never, ever exchange insults with a lowlife. A lowlife with a ministerial position is still a lowlife just as a decorated monkey is still a monkey. Other than holding one government position or the other, Amaechi has never been associated with any private success so he is very insecure when people challenge his unenviable record in government with facts.

“To borrow a line from a hit song, I Reno Omokri, know who God says I am, where he says I am at and what he says I will be. I do not need a government position to maintain my relevance. I was somebody before I went into government, I am somebody after leaving government and by the grace of God, I will forever remain somebody without a government position, so nothing a pot bellied man can say or do to me can ever alter what God has said about me.

“I would rather advise Rotimi Amaechi to respond to the issues I raised, namely that there was no missing ‘$49.8 billion’ and that on September 21, 2012, he called on the Federal Government to share the funds in the Excess Crude Account, and that it was he, Rotimi Amaechi, as Chairman of the Nigerian Governors Forum, that led some state governors to take the Federal Government to court to compel it to share the proceeds from the Excess Crude Account because then President Jonathan insisted on saving the money, a case that they won and therefore it is hypocritical of him to accuse former President Jonathan of not saving for the rainy day.

“I challenge Rotimi Amaechi to separate himself from his government positions and see if he can maintain his relevance. He borrows his relevance from government. He does not add relevance to government. In two years as a minister, the only ‘achievement’ he can boast of is the Abuja-Kaduna railway that was built and completed by the very same Goodluck Jonathan he likes to castigate.

“President Jonathan has been out of office for two years. I am no longer his aide, neither am I on salary, yet I continue to be loyal to him. Can Amaechi say the same of himself? Is he capable of being loyal to anybody or institution without having something to gain? Is that not why his stomach is protruding and potbellied? Because he is only loyal to his stomach! No wonder he admitted spending $500,000 to host Professor Wole Soyinka to a one day dinner. Amaechi epitomizes stomach infrastructure!

“It is this loyalty to stomach only that has placed Amaechi in the awkward position where ALL the living ex-Governors of Rivers state are against him along with the incumbent Governor, Nyesom Wike. A man who cannot command loyalty at home and can’t walk the streets of Port Harcourt without armed guards.

“What Amaechi does not understand is that there is life after government. Whenever President Muhammadu Buhari retires from politics, he will be received with joy by Katsina people. Whenever Bola Tinubu retires, he will be received with arms wide open by Lagos people. But who will receive Amaechi when he retires? Certainly not Rivers people who view him as a serial betrayer of their interests and the interests of his zone. A man who can sell his own mother for a useless government position cannot expect to retire in the motherland. Maybe Amaechi will retire to Daura with Buhari as his domestic servant and in house sycophant for life!

“Has he forgotten so soon how he was publicly disgraced by his colleague, the minister of Petroleum, Ibe Kachikwu, when he was trying to sabotage the Maritime University at Okerenkoko? While others are attracting development to their zones, Amaechi is subtracting progress from his zone. Thank God for Kachikwu who told him that “We are not going to throw away the baby with bathwater. We deal with the issues but the university will be developed. If he (Amaechi) does not want it in Maritime, I will take it in petroleum”?

“Even if Rotimi Amaechi spends all day insulting me directly or through proxies, it takes absolutely nothing from me. If insults could kill, Donald Trump would be dead, but he is in the White House instead.

“A lizard with an overinflated ego is still a lizard, not an alligator. Rotimi Amaechi may have left his village but his village never left him! That is why he continues to display his inferiority complex by dressing in ill fitting designer clothes bought at huge expense! Alas, he is trying to suppress the memory of when he wore the same clothes for three days. But the man makes the clothes, the clothes don’t make the man. Poverty mentality is his undoing!

“He calls himself lion of Ubima. A lion with a pot belly and that can’t win elections? If he wants to see a real lion he should go to Bourdillon!

“Finally, rather than insult me, Rotimi Amaechi should seek medical attention for his protruding pot belly. Doctors warn that a protruding belly, like his, is a symptom of too much food and too little exercise.

“Obviously, Rotimi Amaechi should focus more on exercising his body and his brain. Unfortunately, he seems to only exercise his mouth by eating too much and talking too much which is why he is prone to frequent verbal and anal diarrhea.

“Reno Omokri is the founder of the Mind of Christ Christian Center in California, author of Shunpiking: No Shortcuts to God and Why Jesus Wept and the host of Transformation with Reno Omokri.”

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Jos Suya Seller In Suit & Italian Shoe

Oh dear! Since I saw this, I don't know if I should laugh or commend him.

The Young man pictured above was spotted along Township stadium in Jos corporately dressed in suit and an Italian Shoe selling his Suya. Mehn this is awesome, packing really matter in all that we do. See more photos below:

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Photos From The Fire Incident At Banky W's Home In Lekki

Nigerian RnB star, Banky W has just survived a fire accident at his home that destroyed some of his precious belongings.

The fire started as a result of a faulty air condition unit that led to an inferno that almost consumed the house located along Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1.

The singer only escaped by climbing out of a window from the second floor. He shared photos of the casualties on his social media with his testimony..

Read below...

So there's good news and bad news. The good news is... I'm thanking God that I'm alive to give the bad news as a testimony.
Bad news is...
I was laying awake in bed at about 6am , and I just started smelling smoke. Stood up to shut off my tv and ac and realized it was coming from outside my door. Opened it to see the whole stairway was filled with huge gusts of black smoke/soot, and a fire was burning stuff downstairs. The smoke was so much I couldn't get down past it to see the source of the flames. Rushed back into my room and climbed down from the 2nd floor balcony with my dog... and then got help from the amazing workers and neighbours who helped me put out the flames.
Turns out the ac in the living room had caught fire.. I know a lot of ppl have been trying to call and I appreciate it. Maybe the fire burnt some of the network in the house because I can't receive calls LOL but instead of calling to say sorry pls just maybe say a prayer and thank God with me.

Thank God I was awake to smell the smoke. Thank God we caught it early enough and the damage wasn't so bad.. it basically burnt some of the stuff that was around it. So awards, portraits, and some small electronics. But thank God, Duke and I are alive and well. We only had to form James Bond and climb down from the balcony LOL. Thank God for my neighbors and the amazing workers in and around the compound for helping us escape via the balcony, helping put out the fire, and helping with the aftermath/cleaning.

Thank God for life. And I'm not even upset.. I'm just grateful for life and health and for the grace and mercy of God on my life. I figure I'm about to have the best year ever so the devil tried to throw a tantrum. But not today Satan. Not today, not ever. Now sit back and watch me be great. By God's grace. Amen. God bless you all.

#TheBankStatements #weMove #NoweaponFormedAgainstMeShallProsper #aretheymadddt #theyMustBeMaddt

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Kemi Olunloyo Names Three Celebs who Can Slay Without Makeup

The controversial journalist has listed 3 celebrities in the world who can go without makeup and still look so good.

See her list below...

'#HNNBeauty at it's peak. There are only three celebrities in the world that can go without make up and look like this.
1. @mercyaigbegentry
2. @Ciara
3. @KemiOlunloyo
#Gbam! Have MERCY on us but I ain't lying!
Even the worst Instagram filter (Hudson) did Lanre Gentry's wife justice.
E karo ni Naija o Mercy. :-) #madamhnn

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Fire Destroys Banky W's Lekki Home

A property located along Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos where popular singer, Banky W, lives has been destroyed by fire.

A neighbour to the artiste related to us that the fire was caused by a faulty air conditioner.

The fire was believed to have started around 6am.

A resident said,

“The fire started around 6am and all of us came out to assist Banky in putting out the fire.
“However, Fire service officials arrived around 7.30.
“So many items were destroyed including Banky’s awards. but officials of the fire service arrived over an hour late."

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Nigeria Evacuates 41 Girls From Mali

The federal government yesterday evacuated 41 Nigerian girls who are victims of human trafficking from Bamako Mali.

The evacuation was a collaboration of the Ministry of Defence/Nigeria Air Force (NAF), the Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora and National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons (NAPTIP).

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa said the evacuation of the girls followed a distress call.

Also six suspects were arrested in connection with the trafficking of the girls. They were handed over to the appropriate security agency for prosecution.

Dabiri-Erewa said following the distress call received from Mali, her office informed the Ministry of Defence which provided the plane to evacuate the girls.

She said the 41 girls were victims of trafficking by some “big Madams” who were among the suspects arrested.

Some of the scantily dressed girls were covering their faces as they alighted from the aircraft.

NAPTIP Zonal Commander for South West, Mr. Joseph Famakin said the agency would rehabilitate the girls.

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Toke Makinwa Dazzles In Red At BBC World News

Best selling author, Toke Makinwa was a guest last night on BBC World News on Focus on Africa program with Okwoche.

The beautiful media personality matched the spotlight with her stunning style as she hit the studio in a lovely red gown on reptile skin shoes. She was styled by Kika of Goodhair while her facebeat was done by Queen Hadassah.

She looked absolutely radiant and lovely.

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Abuja Airport To Be Closed For 6 Weeks From March 8

The Abuja Int'l Airport will be closed on March 8th, 2017 for 6weeks

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3 Nigerians Faint On Turkish Plane As Air-conditioner Fails

According to Instagram user @vanityaffaironline, three Nigerians fainted after the Air conditioner in a Turkish airline plane stopped working on transit last night. See photos below

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Okonjo Iweala’s Village Groans After 7 Years Without Electricity Supply

Kinsmen of Okonjo Iweala, Nigeria’s past Minister of Finance and coordinator of the national economy, are not happy over the state of their village, Ogwashi Uku community in Aniocha South Local Government Area Delta state, Southern Nigeria have appealed to the Federal Government restore electricity supply which had eluded the community for more than seven years.

Mr Sam Obidi, who is a member of “The Forum’’, made the plea in an interview on Monday in Asaba.

The Forum is a body working with the Benin Electricity Distribution Company to restore electricity supply to Ogwashi-Uku,

Obidi said the economy of the area had deteriorated over time.

Obidi said that while some of the communities had been restructured and reconnected and receiving power supply, Ogwashi-Uku, Illah and some other communities, had been left out and every effort to reconnect these communities remained a challenge.

He said that micro and small businesses in the communities had suffered a great setback due to lack of public source of power.

Obidi said that there was no doubt that the economy of Ogwashi-Uku community, being host to a state polytechnic would blossom, jobs created and criminality checked and a peaceful and secured state promoted, “if electricity is restored’’.

According to him, computer business centres, barbing saloons, fashion houses, welders, other operators, have suffered losses and some have closed shops due to the high cost of operating in the area.

He said, “Those who managed to stay with their businesses in the past seven years have operated at higher cost and charges higher prices for their services at the expense of the community.

“The situation here seemed hopeless as most recently repaired transformers in Ogwashi-Uku have been vandalised in spite of the huge sacrifices made by the stakeholders in the community.”

He said that stakeholders in the community in 2016 committed about N20m to the contractor handling the project to fix the transformers in the area.

Obidi said that the delay in restoring the power by BEDC which had insisted on metering the community had remained a major challenge.

He said, “We complained to the Nigerian Electricity Regulation Commission, which directed that BEDC should supply electricity to the community with or without metering.

As it is now, life in the community is not rosy for the people. A cold room operator, Mr. Ignatius Okobi, said he and his colleagues had no other option than to venture into other lines of business since it had become extremely difficult for them to operate cold rooms with power generators.

He noted that several enterprises in Ogwashi-Uku, which depended on electricity supply, had been forced to close down because of their inability to cope with high costs of production.

Okobi said the situation had forced many artisans, including welders, air conditioner and refrigerator repairers, tailors, barbers and computer operators, among others, to relocate from the community.

Mr. Nwaka Okorie, a retired civil servant, recalled that he once led a 17-member delegation to PHCN’s zonal office in Benin about three months ago to discuss the power supply problems.

He said that the PHCN officials admitted that power supply was generally poor around the country, adding that they, nonetheless, pledged that something would be done to improve electricity supply to the community.

Okorie added that the officials assured them that they would work out plans on how to supply electricity to the community at least three days in a week.

A prominent son of the area, Chief Andrew Okocha, Managing Director of AC Okocha Motors, is not happy with the happenings in Ogwashi Uku. Although he has all he could to take care of himself and his family, he has a serious concern for the growth and development of his community.

Efforts to reach the public relations officer of BEDC, Asaba zone, was to no avail.

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UNIOSUN To Expel Over 4,000 Students Over Non-payment Of Tuition Fees

The management of Osun State University, Osogbo has resolved to expel over 4,000 students of the institution who refused to pay their tuition fees within the stipulated period which would expire on 28 of February.

In a press statement issued from the Corporate Affairs Unit of the university and signed by the Acting Registrar, Mr Gafar Shitu, the management of UNIOSUN said any student that failed to pay the tuition fees before the expiration of February 28, 2017 deadline would no longer be considered to be a student of the university.

The Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Labode Popoola earlier told noted that students owed the university a backlog of school fees to the tune of N2billion (Two Billion Naira).

According to the statement, a total of four thousand, four hundred and ten (4,410) students have not paid their school fees whereas majority of these students have collected the money from their parents but either “invested” in the failed MMM scheme or diverted same to other purposes.

The Registrar said no fewer than 400 parents and guardians of the defaulting students have called the University helplines to report that they had long given money to their children to pay school fees.

“Students who cannot meet up with the deadline and do not want their studentship terminated may apply in writing to the school authorities to grant them leave of absence for the current semester with a sworn affidavit, pledging to make payment before resumption from the leave of absence.

The Management of UNIOSUN would no longer tolerate non-adherence to the deadlines for payment and course registration as contained in the University calendar and students handbook”.

“With regard to this current 2016/2017 academic session, late registration commenced on December 5, 2016 and lasted till December 24, 2016 when the students’ portal was automatically shut down.

However, the University Senate at its meeting of January 26, 2017 after observing that a large number of students had refused to turn up in spite of ceaseless appeals, decided that the students’ portal be reopened longer into 12th week of resumption against the four weeks stipulated in the University regulations.

The decision of the University Senate, which was adequately communicated to all the students on February 2, 2017, was to afford more students the opportunity to pay their fees with effect from 17th to 24th February, 2017, a date which was later extended till February 28, 2017”.

On 16 February, 2017, some students embarked on a protest against the enforcement of extant rules and regulations regarding fee payment and registration. Investigations show that over 90 per cent of the protesters had not registered for between two and 11 semesters, and were thus using the stipulated late registration penalty of N10, 000 as a smokescreen for their years of defaulting in fee payment and registration.

The University Senate has made it clear to the public that at no time was school fees increased and has thus decided that no unregistered students should be permitted to write the First Semester Examinations, which commence on Monday, March 6, 2017.

The Registrar said the defaulting students who do not seek for leave of absence will also have their studentship terminated.

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Oil Price Crash: Worst Days For Nigeria Over – OPEC

ABUJA— Secretary-General of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, Mr. Mohammed Barkindo, yesterday, disclosed that the worst days for Nigeria due to the low price of crude oil were over.

He said Nigeria’s ability to weather the storms of the low price of crude oil was a miracle. Speaking during a courtesy visit to the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, Barkindo said confidence was returning to the Nigerian petroleum industry, due largely to the major macro-economic decisions taken last year by OPEC and non-OPEC member countries. He said: “We have gone through the worst energy cycle in recent memory. Some of us, who have been around for a quite a while, have witnessed all these five cycles and it is a consensus in terms of the gravity of these cycles, prices have crashed by over 80 per cent from the fall of 2014 to January 2016. “How you survived as a government as an institution under this great industry remains a miracle. I have visited all other countries and I have seen how they are struggling. “But you have weathered the storm. I think the worst is behind us, thanks to your (Nigeria’s) leadership in the run up to the historic agreement of last year, beginning with the Algiers Accord on September 20.” Barkindo commended the giant strides the country has made within this troubling period in the global petroleum industry. “I have been visiting many countries over this period, and I have seen firsthand how they have been struggling. However, here, I think probably we have not sold our achievements effectively, widely and efficiently,” he noted. Commends FG’s JV cash call exit He applauded the effort of the country in addressing the lingering issue of Joint Venture Cash Call, stating that over the years, previous administrations had battled to address the issues without success. “Many of my colleagues that we served together would testify that government after government, we had battled with this issue continuously without solutions. “But the day I got the information that you have been able to overcome this issue that has beleaguered this industry as well as government, I think you made my day and those of participants in the industry who know the battle of previous governments over the issue.

“The approach has been innovative, the solution is very practical. You are clearing an overhang of debt that is too high, yet maintaining the level of production and also focusing on an incremental growth that would continue to sustain not only the industry but also the domestic economy.” Oil industry lost $1trn to low oil price

He lamented that due to the crash in the price of crude oil, Nigeria as well as other OPEC member countries have lost about $1 trillion since the crash, in terms of deferred projects and outright cancellations across the supply chain, upstream, midstream, downstream.

He said: “This is the greatest threat that is facing future supply —the security of supply. Our industry is capital intensive; we make consistent investments in order not only to maintain current production, but also to take care of reserves that would produce as well as secure security of future supply.” Also speaking, Kachikwu commended Barkindo for the giant strides he had taken at OPEC since his assumption of office, stating that in the past, OPEC had lost its credibility, but Barkindo had helped restored it.

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7 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery Drains Twice Faster

Have your smartphone drained your battery so badly?If so here are the top 7 reasons.

Operating Your Phone While Charging:

This is one of the top reason why your battery don’t last any longer some of this reasons are playing game,music, surfing the internet,high increase screen light while charging your cell phone this reasons reduces the cell strength of your phone battery.

2. Using Fake Power pack or killer USB Cord

There are thousands of fake power banks circulated in the local market. This detrimental to anyone who purchase it. Not only fake power bank destroys your smartphone battery cell strength , it will also leave you with slow charging problem or your phone not charging at all.

Here are few guides on How To Know a Fake Power Banks

Often Chinese in nature.
They comes in adulterated name brand like BMW, HP , Infinix, which is not directly endorsed by these companies.
Their power capabilities is highly overhyped.
Usually very cheap.
3. Removing Your Battery Too Often

You might not really notice this
But you may confirm this in a dark room or at night.
Each time you remove your smartphone battery, there is a little spark that emanate from the battery terminals this reduces the cellphone battery strength. Imagine removing your Battery like ten times a day? You wouldn’t dare that again right?

4. Using a Desktop/Universal Charger

Desktop chargers are made to be used in case of emergency or when battery is extremely dead, its not directly endorsed by the phone manufacturer and its off specification of your phone brand. It may come with high voltage or low voltage because most of them lack a good voltage regulator.

5. Charging Your Phone on a High Voltage or low Voltage Power Source

Charging Your Phone with a high or under voltage power frequency is very bad for your battery health,
Its not advisable to use power generating set to charge Your battery. As steady electric frequency is not guaranteed.

6. High surrounding temperatures

Using phone in heated area some times people charge there smartphone in a hard hazard area or in an environment that is not conducive such as under an umbrella or in the market places where sun can reach the phone such is not deducible

7. Too much running apps at the background

wow in this aspects people like me will always have multi task work in my phone either downloading at the same time watching movies. this really kills the cell battery there by giving the phone much work to handle.

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20 Signs That You're Addicted To Your Smartphone

Although somewhat funny, the signs below are realistic signs that will either make you realize you are a smartphone addict, or on your way to
becoming one.

1. You always panic whenever you accidentally leave your smartphone at home.

2. You take your smartphone wherever you go to, even to fetch water from the well.

3. You find it difficult to sleep whenever you are without your phone.

4. You keep getting Phantom Phone Alerts
You hear a tone and think you have a notification, but when you check your phone it’s blank. That's called phantom alert.

5. Whenever your smartphone dies something inside of you dies with it.

6. When number 5 happens, instead of waiting on Nepa to bring the light you walk around looking for where to charge your phone.

7. You only drop your phone when the battery is dead.

8. You spend more than #500 every week charging your phone in a charging centre, money that could be used for something more productive.

9. The first thing you do every time NEPA brings the light is to plug your Smartphone.

10. Your battery never lasts because you are always on your phone. And that's the major reason why you have a power bank.

11. You are most happy whenever you are on your phone.

12. The charger you are using now you bought only because it is long and would make it easier for you be on your phone while its charging notwithstanding whether you are in bed or chair.

13. You never allow your phone a moment rest, you press it even while it is plugged.

14. You always like to sit right next to a socket wherever you can find one, which includes but not limited to church, restaurant, class.

15. Chargers are more important to you than anything else, you can forget your bible at home on a sunday but you can NEVER forget your

16. Your food keeps getting cold everytime because you just won't leave your phone and concentrate on your food.

17. The first thing you do every morning when you wake up is pick up your phone.

18. Whever you are with family or friends you usually cant wait to get out. Not because thet are borung or anything but because you cant just
wait to go back to pressing your phone.

19. Whenever you are travelling to an undeveloped community that has no light the only thing you think about is 'how will I charge my phone'.

20. You are guilty of doing more than 10 things on this list.

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Akeredolu begs striking Ondo health workers

The Governor of Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu, on Monday begged health workers who have been on an indefinite strike to return to work, as his government makes efforts to begin the payment of workers’ salaries.
He also set up a special committee, headed by the Accountant General of the state, Akindolire Laolu, to look into ways of liquidating the accumulated salaries of workers.
“I’m appealing to the doctors and health workers in the state who are currently on strike to please resume work,” he pleaded.
“Let them come back and we can now sit and have a discussion on the table through negotiations.”
Speaking to civil servants on Monday while resuming office, Mr. Akeredolu noted that the workers deserved their monthly wages.
He also promised that workers’ welfare would be a priority under his administration.
“I am aware of the agonies you (civil servants) are going through without being paid your salaries,” he said.
He, however, assured that he would ensure that civil servants got their salaries and arrears as and when due.
Mr. Akeredolu urged the striking health workers to return to work for the sake of patients at the government hospitals.

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How to check for fake tyres – Standard Organisation of Nigeria

The Standard Organisation on Nigeria has warned Nigerians to always check for expiry dates of tyres before purchase.
Osita Abuloma, the Director General of SON, spoke on Sunday after the arrest of two Chinese nationals for allegedly importing N5 billion worth of substandard tyres into the country.
Mr. Abuloma said the seized tyres were shipped from China and were post-dated to make them appear roadworthy.
“Because we have sensitised the public that while buying tyres, they should look out for the manufacturing date.
“These people postdated their tyres to reflect manufacturing date to be first week of January 2017, whereas the tyres berthed on Nigerian soil first week of February 2017.
“So are they saying it took them only four weeks to bring the tyres from China to Nigeria across the sea?”
Mr. Abuloma further said the fact that the tyres are tucked into one another – in groups of five – using rods to separate them would compromise their quality.
“This is because in the course of separating them from the squeeze, the wires and geometrics of the tyres will be affected.”
The Chinese suspects, identified as Tanlong and Xu Jing Yao, were arrested after a tip-off from “well meaning Nigerians,” Mr. Abuloma said.
“We acted on the intelligence we received and this was achieved as a result of inter-agency collaboration,” he said.
“The glory is not for SON alone. You can see the volume of tyres brought in and you can imagine the implication for our society if these tyres are let into the market.”
Mr. Abuloma said the seizure – 60 containers of tyres – was the agency’s biggest ever.
“As you can see, they have different types and models of tyres. They have for tricycles, trailers, buses and normal cars,” he said.
“When the tyres are separated from one another, they simply brand them to deceive unwary Nigerians. But I can assure the Nigerian public that these arrested persons will be prosecuted under the new SON Act.”

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Rating Osinbajo above Buhari is ‘mischievous’ – Presidency

Comparing Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and President Muhammadu Buhari, and concluding that Mr. Osinbajo is doing better as he acts on behalf of the president who travelled on medical leave, is mischievous, the presidency has said.
Mr. Buhari left Nigeria for the United Kingdom on January 19 for what was initially scheduled to be a 10-day medical leave, but later extended his stay indefinitely.
He transferred power to Mr. Osinbajo before traveling, plugging a potential power vacuum and constitutional crisis once witnessed when late President Umaru Yar’Adua travelled for treatment in 2009.
As acting president, Mr. Osinbajo has amongst other things, supervised the implementation of a new foreign exchange policy that has managed to strengthen a rapidly sliding naira.
The government has also announced a reduction in attacks on oil and gas infrastructure in recent weeks, cuts that follow Mr. Osinbajo’s tour of the Niger Delta and talks with community leaders.
Many Nigerians view those decisions as swift and firm, and have compared them with President Buhari’s often unhurried response to needling national problems.
But the president’s political adviser, Babafemi Ojudu, on Monday condemned the assessment, and said it was done by “mischief makers” whose intention is to cause disharmony in the presidency.
“These are mischief makers, those who do not wish this country well, who are always promoting crisis, who will not allow the people to benefit from this democracy,” Mr. Ojudu told journalists. “They are the ones promoting this kind‎ of divisive tendencies.”
Mr. Ojudu said all steps taken by Mr. Osinbajo were with the approval of Mr. Buhari.
“There is nothing that has been done since the vice president started acting that is not something that started far back in the past. A good example is the Niger Delta initiative.
“The President called the Vice-President and said ‘I am giving you the mandate, go into the Niger Delta and meet with everyone who is a stakeholder, all the communities, talk to the militants and make sure you solve this problem for the benefits of Nigerians.
“We are losing 1.2 million barrels of oil per day, all the gas pipelines powering the turbines are being blown up. And the President has said unless and until we resolve this problem we will not get out of recession.
“The VP took up the mandate and went to the Niger Delta, it is the initiative of Mr. President not that of the Vice-President.”
On the foreign exchange policy, Mr. Ojudu said claims of superior leadership capacity in favour of Mr. Osinbajo are touted by “The same people who said we never had economic team, no policy, nothing”.
“It is now that the policies we are implementing are maturing and they are seeing the result. It is not a question of one person being better than the other person,” he said.
Also, a lawmaker representing Kankia/Ingawa/Kusada Federal Constituency, Katsina State, Ahmad kaita, told PREMIUM TIMES that “baseless, ill-motivated” comparison of Messrs. Buhari and Osinbajo was capable of affecting Nigeria’s unity.
“It is one presidency; and whatever anybody does in this administration is to President Buhari’s credit,” said Mr. Kaita.
“Meanwhile, all we now see that means progress takes root from the time before the President travelled, with the two leaders working cordially for the good of the country based on the manifesto of our party, APC.”

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Naira Strengthens To N435/$ On CBN Dollar Glut

The naira continued to strengthen on the parallel market on Monday to close at N435 to the dollar, stronger than N450 to the dollar at which it closed last Friday, as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) continued to relentlessly pump the greenbank into the interbank foreign exchange market to meet the demand of bank customers.

But the buy rate of the greenback rose slightly to N430 to the dollar Monday, against N440 last Friday.
Several parallel market operators who had been stockpiling dollars for months, were seen lamenting that the CBN’s intervention was forcing them to offload their dollars at a loss.

But as they bemoaned their losses, market analysts cautioned that they were likely to incur more losses, as the CBN, in keeping with its determination to increase liquidity in the FX market Monday pumped a fresh $180 million into the interbank market.

A breakdown of this amount showed that the CBN sold $100 million through its special wholesale intervention forwards and pumped an additional $80 million to the banks, specifically for school fees, medicals, and Business and Personal Travel Allowanced, among other invisible transactions.

CBN also said it would with “immediate effect give Travelex $4 million weekly to satisfy demand for travel allowances at the Lagos and Abuja airports”.

In a statement released Monday, the CBN’s acting Director, Corporate Communications, Mr. Isaac Okorafor, said the central bank’s commitment to providing enough FX for legitimate business remains unshaken, reiterating that it would do “everything possible” to maintain the steady supply of forex to the market.

In all, the new FX measures introduced by the CBN aimed at improving liquidity in market has led to the appreciation of the naira by N85 in just one week.

Analysts are projecting that the naira might appreciate to about N400 to the dollar on the parallel market this week, effectively meeting the CBN’s objective of closing the gap between interbank and parallel market rates.
The CBN had maintained that much of the dollar demand was a bubble created by speculators and hoarders of the greenback.

Also, speaking on a programme monitored on Raypower FM in Lagos Monday, Okorafor urged currency dealers and others hoarding dollars to make hay and sell their holdings in order to avoid heavy losses.

He added: “I want to assure that we would provide enough liquidity in the market and we will sustain liquidity in the market. The country is opening up and foreign reserves are improving. Many people outside are beginning to realise the huge opportunities in this country.

“You can see the subscription of the Eurobond. It clearly shows the potential in this economy. This economy is bottomless when it comes to investment opportunities.

“So, ultimately, the exchange rate would improve and anybody hoarding dollars would suffer for it.”
Responding to a question on the impact of the continuing ban of 41 items from accessing the official FX market, the CBN spokesman said: “The savings we have made from the elimination of the 41 items from the FX market have been very huge.

“Nigerians are beginning to adapt to made-in-Nigeria products and indeed we have supported some local manufacturers.

“Apart from rice, we are funding the production of palm oil and other produce.
“We have two firms now producing toothpicks in Nigeria. So, you can see that even though people criticised the removal of the 41 items, which is one thing that we held on to, to change the entire economic landscape of this country.

“No country is known to have succeeded or became great by depending on outsiders for its food, fashion, drinks, and others. We cannot continue like that.
“We must change our appetite for foreign goods and services. We are determined to fund the FX market.”
Meanwhile, Nigeria’s external reserves increased further to $29.414 billion, according to latest figures made available by the CBN.

THISDAY’s findings showed that this represented an increase of 14 per cent over $25.843 billion at the end of last year.

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Residents Tie Tortoise To Their Electricity Pole To Scare Off PHCN Official

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company Plc twitter handle shared this photo today with the caption "Lol, some Nigerians will do anything to avoid paying bills. As seen in Oyo state.

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Diseases That Mess Up Your Sex Life

Diseases are unsparing in the ways they ravage the human body. The bad thing about diseases is that they don’t just affect one organ of the body! Rather, the majority of debilitating diseases that afflict human also affect the sex life!

What are these diseases that mess up your sex life, in addition to making you miserable? These ones…

Cardiovascular diseases

These include heart failure, build-up of plaque in the arteries (atherosclerosis), cardiac arrest, etc. Urology Specialist, Dr. Enis Rauf, explains that for the male and female sex organs to function optimally, blood must reach them unhindered.

“The blood that comes and goes to the joystick, and then trapped in there to achieve an erection, only works properly in men with a normally functioning cardiovascular system. When this system does not work properly, problems also occur in erections,” Rauf warns.

He adds that when people in a certain group complain of erection problems, if doctors can handle the problem sensibly, they can catch a cardiovascular disease in its early stage.

“Since the diameter of the main artery going to the joystick is smaller than the heart arteries, any obstructions in these areas become evident very early on,” Rauf warns.


Diabetes happens to be one of the most devastating diseases that anyone can have.

According to diabetologist/Medical Director of Rainbow Specialist Hospital, Isiavwe Afokoghene, if not put under control through appropriate medications and sound lifestyle habit, diabetes complications can wreak untold havoc on all organs of the body such as the eyes, nerves, kidneys, and the heart; and it may eventually kill.

For men living with diabetes, low libido or low sex desire is a constant companion. This is mainly because of their high blood glucose levels.

Worse still, scientists warn, even when a diabetic man is able to have sex, he may be unable to reach orgasm!

“High sugar levels in men with diabetes can affect the function of the nerves in the joystick, leading to erectile function,” physicians warn.

Indeed, a study published in the peer-reviewed journal, Diabetes Care, reveals that, for people who already have diabetes, sexual problems can indicate nerve damage, blocked arteries, and hormones that are functioning in haphazard manner.

The scientists say one of the main sexual problems men with diabetes face is the inability to have an erection, as damage to the vascular system can impair blood flow.
“If the blood vessels aren’t functioning properly or if an artery is blocked, not enough blood will travel to the joystick, making it difficult to get an erection,” they warn.

Psychological, psychiatric and neurological diseases

Problems such as psychosis, intense stress and depression don’t only cause erectile dysfunction, they also cause lack of libido and ejaculation disorders.

Rauf says that performance anxiety is also an important psychogenic problem (having a psychological origin or cause rather than a physical one) that causes excessive nervousness and erection problems in men.

Neurological diseases such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and epilepsy can affect many functions of the body, including erection, with the damage they cause in the brain and peripheral nerves.

Also, the head and spine trauma that is suffered particularly in traffic accidents cause many problems including sexual dysfunction.

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My Fiancée Wants To Break Up With Me Because She Doesn't Want Sex Anymore

Please guys I need your advice and suggestions please.
There is this girl I have been dating for over a year now, I love her so much and intend to marry her soon. I think she loves me too.

She's currently doing her Nysc in cross river while I am in the north. We haven't seen each other since last November though we always chatting and talking on phone like everyday. We have been so cool over the past few weeks and we arranged for her to come see me this week, Thursday to be precise. I even sent her 10k for transportation.

Now after we talked last night and she agreed to come on Thursday, she called me early this morning around 6am only to tell me there was a problem, when I asked her what it was, she told me despite the fact she loves me so much and wants to be with me, she's breaking up with me because she doesn't want to be having sex anymore, that she's not okay with her spiritual life.

I was devastated and all my efforts to try talk sense into her has been in futility! Now the problem am having is that this girl happens to be the only woman in my life, for over a year we, ve been together I have not cheated on her despite the distance. I love her so much and I have always wanted to end up with her. I always did everything possible to make her happy and I, ve never hurt her before.

Please guys I don't want to lose her, what do I do.

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Buhari Has Not Disappointed Me – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo says that the current Nigerian leader, Muhammadu Buhari, has not disappointed him since he assumed office in 2015.

Obasanjo stated this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) at his hilltop residence in Abeokuta.

While reflecting on the Buhari administration since 2015, Obasanjo said that the president had done his best to move the country forward.

“Whatever anybody says, President Buhari has not disappointed me from what I know of him,’’ he said.

He said the president had delivered on his core areas of strength and ability, particularly in the anti-corruption crusade and the war against insurgency.

“In my book, I have said that Buhari is not strong on the economy and I did not write this to run him down.

“I also used to think that he is not strong in the area of foreign affairs, but I have realised that he has improved very well.

“He has actually done his best in the areas where we know him to be strong,” he said.

The elder statesman urged Nigerians not to relent in their support for Buhari and not to give up on Nigeria.

“Whatever you might see as bad in Nigeria, other societies have gone through the same at some period in their history.

“It is not for us to begin to condemn but to begin to join hands together and consider how we can make the best out of our present.

“”Our present situation is a passing phase and we need to be resilient to ensure that we are not consumed by it.

“I will be the first to admit that we have not been where we should have been, but note that we have also been far from where we could have been because it could have been worse.

“It is the height of ingratitude for people to say Nigeria has not achieved anything or much as a nation.

“The generation before mine fought for Nigeria’s independence, that is great.

“My own generation, which is the next, fought to sustain the unity of Nigeria.

“Since 1999, Nigeria had enjoyed 18 years of unbroken democracy.

“We witnessed in 2007 a transition of power from one individual to another in the same party.

“We witnessed in 2015 a transition of power from an individual in the ruling party to another individual in the opposition party.

“All these should not be taken for granted,” he said.

Obasanjo also decried the call for national conferences or assemblies to negotiate the continued unity of Nigeria.

The former president who, described such conferences as distractions, said he did not bother to read the report of the last one organised by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

” We Nigerians need ourselves and if anyone thinks he does not need another person, good luck to him.

“What I see in all those groups trying to break away is that they want more of the national cake.

“The fact that you want more of the cake means that it is good and you like it, else you will not be asking for more of it.

“I do understand the agitations of the youths in that the increased facilities that now exist as against our own time have not translated to adequate opportunities for them.

“But I think that rather than engage in violence, they should think of how to build on the sacrifices of the generations before them,” he said.

The elder statesman, who would turn 80 on March 5, said he had no regrets at such an age.

He said that his hope that Nigeria would still be a great nation was still intact. (NAN)

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Buhari With His Friends During The Civil War In 1969 (Throwback Photo)

How time flies.Here are throwback photos of President Buhari with his friends during the civil war in 1969

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Gifty And Her Rumoured Boyfriend, Mr 2kay Spotted At Lagos Polo Club

During her big brother days, Singer Mr 2kay boasted in several interviews that he is been in a romantic relationship with Gifty. After Gifty left the house, she was equally busy posting stuffs about Mr 2kay seeming to confirm the relationship. Infact, 24hours ago she shared on instagram info about the singer’s new video with Flavour. (See below)

Yesterday, Nigerian singer, Mr 2kay was spotted with his rumored boo and ex Big Brother Naija housemate, Gifty at the Lagos Polo club

The duo came into the venue together as special guests, holding hands as they made their way to the VIP section where they sat and were all cuddly, looking into each other's eyes and all.

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Emma Nyra Slays At The BBNaija Eviction Show

Beautiful Emma Nyra's stunning look at the Big Brother Naija Eviction show on Sunday.

Emma Nyra opened the Big Brother Live eviction show on Sunday night as she performed one of her new songs.

The all white outfit was styled by celebrity designer, Swanky Jerry.

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Specifications Of The New Nokia 3310

New Nokia 3310 (2017)

Nokia 3310 (2017) mobile was launched in February 2017. The phone comes with a 2.40-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 240 pixels by 320 pixels.

The phone packs 16MB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Nokia 3310 (2017) packs a 2-megapixel primary camera on the rear

The Nokia 3310 (2017) runs Series 30 and is powered by a 1200mAh removable battery. It measures 115.60 x 51.00 x 12.80 (height x width x thickness) .

The Nokia 3310 (2017) is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) mobile that accepts Micro-SIM and Micro-SIM. Connectivity options include Bluetooth and FM.

3310 (2017)

key specs


Front Camera

240x320 pixels

Series 30


Rear Camera

Battery Capacity

Nokia 3310 (2017) detailed specifications
Release date February 2017
Form factor Bar
Dimensions (mm) 115.60 x 51.00 x 12.80
Battery capacity (mAh) 1200
Removable battery Yes
Colours Warm Red (Glossy), Dark Blue (Matte), Yellow (Glossy), Grey (Matte)
SAR value NA
Screen size (inches) 2.40
Touchscreen No
Resolution 240x320 pixels
Internal storage 16MB
Expandable storage Yes
Expandable storage type microSD
Expandable storage up to (GB) 32
Rear camera 2-megapixel
Flash Yes
Front camera No
Operating System Series 30
Wi-Fi No
Wi-Fi standards supported NA
Bluetooth Yes, v 3.00
Infrared No
Headphones 3.5mm
FM Yes
Number of SIMs 2
SIM Type Micro-SIM
3G No
4G/ LTE No
Supports 4G in India (Band 40) No
SIM Type Micro-SIM
3G No
4G/ LTE No
Supports 4G in India (Band 40) No
Compass/ Magnetometer No
Proximity sensor No
Accelerometer No
Ambient light sensor No
Gyroscope No
Barometer No
Temperature sensor No

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Ekiti PDP Senator Ignores Fayose, Declares Support For Sheriff

While the Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, champions the movement against Ali Sheriff as Peoples Democratic Party chairman, a senator from his state has declared full support for Mr. Sheriff.

Mr. Sheriff has been recognised as PDP chairman by the Court of Appeal. But Mr. Fayose, who heads the PDP Governors Forum, and other party leaders have restated their opposition to Mr. Sheriff and vowed to appeal the judgement at the Supreme Court.

However, on Sunday, Fatimat Raji-Rasaki, who represents Ekiti Central Senatorial District said Mr. Sheriff was the authentic national chairman of the PDP.

She made the declaration on Sunday in Ado-Ekiti while speaking with journalists at the end of a three-day capacity building training on ICT she organised for 100 beneficiaries in her constituency.

Mrs. Raji-Rasaki’s declaration comes days after another senator from Bayelsa State, Ben Murray-Bruce also declared support for Mr. Sheriff saying there was no need for further litigations.

On Sunday, Mrs. Raji-Rasaki, who is the Chairman, Senate Committee on Trade and Investment, said the era of impunity was dead in the PDP.

She said that the Court of Appeal judgment which affirmed Mr. Sheriff as the national chairman of PDP had afforded the party an opportunity to put its house in order.

The lawmaker, who belongs to a rival PDP faction in Ekiti different from the governor’s, said the recent developments in Ekiti and at the national level, would enable the PDP prepare ahead of the 2019 general elections.

She described the Court of Appeal judgment as a “new lease of life’’ for members of the party.

The senator, who distributed free laptops to participants who attended the training, stressed that anybody that wants to make impact in today’s world must be empowered technologically.

She urged the beneficiaries to put into practice what they learnt at the training.

Mrs. Raji-Rasaki expressed sadness that impunity, lawlessness, violation of the PDP constitution and abuse of power by people whose names she did not mention, had negatively affected the party’s fortunes before the judgment.

She expressed hope that the PDP would emerge stronger from its crises to be a party that would allow equity, justice, fair play, adherence to due process and the principles of democracy to thrive.

The senator expressed satisfaction that the judiciary intervened and resolved the protracted crises rocking the party.

She lauded the Ekiti chapter of the party for affirming Williams Ajayi as the authentic state chairman.
She alleged that some individuals in the PDP had turned the party into their personal property where party congresses and primaries elections to elect candidates were hijacked.

She added that members of the party were not allowed to choose candidates of their choice.
She said: “Crisis in any political party is part of democracy because we disagree to agree.

“We, the authentic PDP, are being led by Ali Modu Sheriff and we thank God that the court judgment has put an end to impunity in our party.

“Impunity is one thing that destroys any organisation or association where people decide and subscribe to rules and regulations guiding them.

“It is a pity that some people turned the PDP to a place where one person will corner everything and turn it to PLC.

“A party is supposed to be where everybody has a say because we are in a democracy.

“In Ekiti, the authentic executive has won in court as well, so in the PDP, we have no option than to obey the rule of law.”

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GTBANK Introduce Security Pin For *737# Transactions

Transactions using GTBank *737# is now more secure with the introduction of PIN to complete such transactions.

To create your PIN, simply dial *737*5# and follow the prompts.

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CBN Sells $230 Million To 16 Banks, Boosts Financial Market

Sixteen banks shared in the $230 million foreign exchange (forex) mart by the Central Bank of Nigeria through the forward contract agreement.

This forms part of the fulfillment of the apex bank’s pledge to ensure liquidity in the interbank market under the latest policy announced last week.

Of the 16 financial institutions, 13 are commercial banks, one is a development financing establishment, while two are merchant banks.

An analysis of the auction’s participants showed that nine commercial banks and one merchant got $162.85 million at bid rates ranging from N325/$ to N360/$, while six others got $58.52 million at bid rates between N315/$ and N320/$.

However, the first 10 banks with a total request of $162.85 million in the forwards contract have the maturity date of March 27, 2017, while the other six have a maturity date of April 24, 2017.

Consequently, the parallel market strengthened to N460 per dollar, its highest level in more than three months, following the series of interventions by the apex bank.

Last week, the regulator offered $500 million in 60-day forward contract, but ended up selling $370 million, as some banks could not back up their bids with naira equivalent or provisions.

A sub-Saharan economist for RenCap, Yvonne Mhango, said: “There are rays of light in Nigeria’s outlook…foreign reserves have risen over 20 per cent to $29 billion and a more comfortable CBN has this week announced changes to its foreign exchange policy and injected more dollars into the local market. Since Monday (February 20), the parallel market rate has strengthened,” she said.

Research analyst at FXTM, Lukman Otunuga, said that though Monday’s new foreign exchange policy, which made more dollar available for the few at 20 per cent above the official rate is already easing some pressures, it does little to solve the major problem of multiple exchanges.

According to Otunuga, Nigeria’s five adopted exchanges continue to add to the uncertainty with both firms and investors constantly left confused. The bearish combination of depressed oil prices, foreign exchange scarcity and tepid economic fundamentals continue to expose the Nigerian economy to downside risks.

Analysts at Afrinvest said: “In our view, while the implementation of the revised foreign exchange market guideline has been greeted with much optimism, we do not believe this move can sustainably address the lingering foreign exchange liquidity challenges in the economy without relaxing forex rate peg and review of list of items ineligible for forex transactions in the parallel market.”

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UK Okays Diezani’s Trial For ‘money Laundering

All is set for the trial of a former Minister of Petroleum Resources Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, and four others in London for alleged corrupt practices.

The trial has been fixed for June and more evidence were hauled to the United Kingdom at the weekend.

Part of the evidence are the proceedings of a Federal High Court in respect of the order of final forfeiture of $153million allegedly traced to the ex-minister.

It was also learnt that one of the suspects had been found at a hideout in London and placed under surveillance.

There have been reports that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was negotiating with Mrs. Alison-Madueke. The EFCC yesterday said it was not engaged in any secret negotiation with her.

According to a source in the anti-graft agency, who spoke in confidence with our correspondent, the agency is set for the trial.

The source said: “The UK investigators have gone far on the allegations against Diezani. From the records made available, the ex-minister and four others will face trial as from June.

“We have taken more evidence to the UK, including all court records relating to the final forfeiture of $153million. We have a huge pile of documents.”

Responding to a question, the source added: “In fact, one of the suspects on the radar of investigators has been located in London and he is under surveillance.” He declined to name the suspect.

On the reported negotiation with the former minister, the source said: “There is no basis to negotiate with the ex-Minister in view of the overwhelming evidence at our disposal. You should ask yourself what purpose the negotiation will serve.

“The EFCC is set for the trial of the ex-minister at home and abroad. It is curious to be talking of a curious negotiation with someone who has a prima facie case to answer.

“The ex-minister has forfeited $153m; we have had far-reaching investigation on her involvement in the $115m poll bribery scandal; we have seized some of her choice properties and she has consistently maintained that she is ready for trial. So, what is the basis for negotiation when we have a good case?”

The National Crime Agency (NCA) on October 2, 2015 arrested Mrs. Alison-Madueke and four others for alleged bribery and corruption and money laundering.

The former minister, whose movement has been restricted to the UK, remains under investigation.

The NCA found some of the ex-minister’s brothers and other business partners complicit in the money laundering allegation. She was arrested with her brothers.

Messrs Abiye Agama and Somye Agama are Mrs Alison-Madueke siblings who operate some UK-based businesses hurriedly shut them after the NCA and the EFCC searchlight became intense.

The two brothers are directors of Hadley Petroleum Solutions Limited, a company the authorities believe was used for money laundering. The other directors are Ugonna Madueke and Abu Fari.

The company was registered in June 2013 in Manchester, but was dissolved less than two years later last February without filing any account.

Abiye, 33, a point man of the firm, is a computer engineer and manager. He was a director in 11 other companies. He resigned from seven of them.

According to EFCC records, some of the assets linked with Mrs. Alison-Madueke are:

A block of six units service apartments on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi
Six units terrace flats in Yaba, Lagos Mainland
Twin four-bedroom duplexes in Lekki Phase I
Two duplexes on Banana Island
A duplex in Asokoro District, Abuja
A mini-estate in Mabushi, Abuja
A set of 12 terrace duplexes at Omaremi Street in Port Harcourt
Large expanse of land at Oniru, Victoria Island in Lagos
A multi-billion Naira estate in Yenagoa
Two apartments in Dubai marked as J5 Emirates Hills (30million Dirham) and E146 Emirates Hills valued at 44million Dirham
A hotel in Port Harcourt under investigation
$37.5m mansion on Banana Island in Lagos.
But Alison-Madueke had disputed some of the slush funds and assets attributed to her.

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Davido's Reaction After Seeing His Babymama Nude Photo Online

On his cousin snap, Davido with a couple of friends yesterday shared a footage online of them playing with a gun before their shoot. The singer's babymama is currently the course of discussion on social media following her recent nude shoot... The snap photos looked like a first person shooter in a call of duty game

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See What A Woman Wore To A Music Award In SA

This woman was spotted at the 16th annual metro FM awards held last night in Durban, South Africa.

Bikonu what do we call this one?

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